Completely Mended

Several days a week, I volunteered at the local hospital in two capacities: customer service and advocacy for people with disabilities. I enjoyed the experience immensely, not only with the patients but also the friendly staff as well. I relish coming back with eagerness and good fortune.

Slipped and Fell

Now, one day, I was helping out with the Cancer Center, because the hospital was expanding and there was a lot of commotion which was disturbing to some cancer patients quite a bit. I was in charge of customer service, showing people where to go during the construction.

More than that, there was one cancer individual that needed my help desperately and I was happy to assist. Unfortunately, as I was doing my job effectively, I slipped and fell, breaking my right wrist. I felt embarrassed, shameful, but resolute, but required, help in the worst way.

Compassionate: A Noble Cause

Amazing but true, (I mean it is a hospital, right,) literally two seconds later, eight people suddenly arrived and were assisting me in every way possible. They were very kind and considerate and wanted to make sure that I was safe and secure. Even though my pain was quite excruciating, I was in good hands with these people.

Fortunately, after numerous follow-up visits with my doctor, my wrist was completely mended.  I thought, once again, on the men and women who aided me and how they were so benevolent, attentive and caring four weeks ago. I don’t know why that struck me, but I realize that, whether it is business or personal, to be compassionate is a very noble cause indeed, don’t you agree?


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