Awesome Secrets to Discover Our Knack in Our Ho-Hum World

Casual and comfortable on a glorious day, my mind wanders on what I am going to be doing for today.

In particular, am I going to do:

  • Write a new chapter in my upcoming book
  • Call a good friend that I been lax not calling and invite them to go to lunch
  • Be ingenious of a new idea that may change the perspective in my thought process
  • Clean up my messy desk and be more organized with a purpose in the future
  • Volunteer my enthusiasm to act of generosity for other people to live productive and positive attitudes

The list could be very long indeed, but the point is so obvious…

Do something!

Be active!

Waste Their Advantage

All of us can generate an amazing result of the taking.

But so many of them waste their advantage. They waffle with this great power and forge their agenda with dismay. More than that, they miss their moment of influence time and time again because of apathy.

In other words, they don’t understand the ability to grow. To learn. To be decisive and changing their direction in a moments notice. They are stuck in mediocrity.

Discover Our Knack

However, you and I invent the ability to discover our knack of the ho-hum world.

Be unique in our talents; be different in our atmosphere.

Oh yes; it is going to be a glorious day.


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