Why Volunteering Is An Act of Generosity to You

10,000 hours.

Mind-boggling and humble, a mature woman slowly made her way to the main stage while the audience, both stunned and grateful, gave her a round of applause for her accomplishments.

You seem, she was a volunteer at a hospital and she racked up 10,000 hours of community service while being very gracious and unassuming. It was an eye-opening for everyone at this luncheon to understand the sacrifice and good spirits of this individual.

Act of Generosity

So, as I was in the back, taking it all in, I became aware that, even though I have been a volunteer for minutes, not years, that even my participation is essential in the whole scheme of this hospitals outlook and view.

They didn’t think of me as an asset of their bottom dollar, no sir. This hospital had an act of generosity and respect me and all of the other volunteers at this magnificent luncheon.

Can’t Even Fathom

And so as I was nibbling at my cheesecake for dessert, I was struck by how many people do not get involved in volunteering in any shape or form whatsoever. Whether it is

  • time
  • hours
  • empathetic approach

or other reasons that I can’t even fathom, they don’t understand or comprehend on how volunteering is not only necessary but also brings joy in so many little things. For me, I am passionate about volunteering not only for my psyche, but also, it is a blast.

Stretch Out

So, here’s the deal, Neil:

There were so many opportunities to help out, to make a difference, to stretch out so far with so many options that all of us should make an effort to get involved.

Yup, all of us, you and I included.

Whether it’s:

  • Civil organizations
  • Health organizations
  • Children organizations
  • Veterans organizations
  • Pet organizations

And so on, and so on.

Piece of Cake

Just a few hours a month will not only change our perspective but a new attitude with a clear mind and a sharper vision.

So as I ended my lunch with a new appreciation and thus, I urge you to also just think, just for a minute, of what you can do to get involved to be a volunteer.

10,000 hours; a piece of cake.


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