Why Breakthrough Progress Generates Amazing Results

Progress, even if it’s just one step, one idea, one change of direction, is decisive if we choose.

Whether our direction is

  • Personal goal (like going back to school to learn a desire for more knowledge and opportunity), or
  • Professional advancement (like excelling in the project or change the perspective to a new line of thinking) or
  • A hobby and personal pleasure (like me, upgrading from hwsilverman.wordpress.com to unmistakablyherb.wordpress.com because of increasing followers left and right [thank you, readers!]),

we all wonder to go further, go farther that seem impossible, but now it’s probable and almost evident.

The Path to Progress

However, progress can only be achieved, if we strive to make that. If we are stuck in the mud with no help available, are you going to cry and complain until we are exhausted and cranky, or are we going to examine the problem efficiently, even (if it’s not the ultimate decision,) but on the path to getting back on the road?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

True enough…



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  1. Well said Herb . . . and Benjamin!


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