Why Your Adaptability Will Gain Astonishing Results

Building a structure from scratch using detailed instructions is daunting but so satisfying if it is done correctly. Putting all the pieces together so tightly and with no effort is quite a challenge to achieve in a new project yet very satisfying.

Furthermore, (as we will discover,) building any objective takes adaptability to lead careful solutions whether it’s a new doohickey or a complex alternative to a sticky problem.

Step-by-Step Directions

As a matter of fact, one Saturday morning, my mom wanted for me to help her build a new bathroom vanity, I was ready for the challenge indeed. I had the step-by-step directions, definitely written by someone who has a lot of time on their hands.

I grabbed approximately 150,000 different thingamajigs.

One million screws.

In one screwdriver.

Oh yes!

Adaptable to Any Situation

With thousands of examples of other vanities as a template, I knew I can figure this out. However, to my despair, one of the new pieces were damaged and couldn’t be repaired, so, I return to the store with the knowledge that I could have been a winner but tried valiantly.

Yet, I was struck by the similarities of our adaptability in the alternative outcomes. Similarly, to not act like a quagmire but instead resolve any problems with an effective and efficient deed. In other words, to drive of commitment no matter what the circumstances arise in our path.

Building Pay Dirt

Certainly, we are adaptable to any state of affairs whether it is a little issue or a huge undertaking. No matter what, we will build pay dirt along the way.

We are flexible. Resilient. Heck, our middle name can be elastic and we are very proud of our results no matter what the direction.

We can’t take it back like in a store.

We own it, mold it and use it to our advantage with specific target goals.

The art of the beholder.


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